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Pay Per Click Advertising on Search Engines

Imagine Your Sales if Hot Prospects Interested in Your Products or Services Came to Your Website Every Day?

To sky rocket your sales, advertise on search engines where eager prospects are looking for your products and services. Also called Search Engine Marketing, this Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is mainly available from the three major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Save Time & Get Better PPC Ad Management. Our Professional PPC Management Services includes:

  •    Manual monitoring of your PPC search term bids and daily budgets
  •    Support for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing Pay Per Click Programs
  •    Reducing the amount you pay per click by optimizing the campaigns
  •    Minimum and maximum keyword cost PPC bid management

  •    Keyword Discovery - Understanding your business goals, and generating keywords from extensive research of                                                     competetion, industry, gaps and opportunities.
  •    Campaign Analysis - Analyze the current campaign and identify what is working and not working.
  •    Campaign Optimization - Write new Titles and Descriptions for keywords that matter for immediate improvement through extensive testing.
  • We will setup Search engine Ads for your products and Services to show up on these search engines under the "Sponsored Search" classification. These ads appear on the top (one to three ads at a time), and right hand side of the normal (organic) search results. (Click here to see where your ads can appear). Typically, a search page shows anywhere from 7 to 10 ads per page.

    Because these ads show above or next to search results, and are highly targeted and context sensitive. This makes the ads very enticing to the searcher, and they start to click on these ads, landing on your web site.

    Your ad can be shown hundreds of time, but you only pay if some one clicks on your ad, and lands on your website. This way, you get targeted leads minus the high cost of print advertising, and the search engines make money by selling such Pay per Click ads to small businesses like you - the small business who can't afford the costly newspaper and magazine ads on a daily basis.


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